Full-time painter and sculptor since 1992 graduation from St. Lawrence University
2018        Trout Museum of Fine Art, Fox Cities, WI.
2013        TROUT LUMINATION, Trout Museum of Fine Art, Appleton, WI.
2010        FINGERPRINT PROJECT INSTALLATION, Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT.
2009        FINGERPRINT PROJECT 1990-2010, White Plains Museum Gallery, New York.
2009        RECENT WORK, The Loft Gallery, Stamford, CT.
2004        THE FINGERPRINT PROJECT, The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, CT.
2003        RECONSTRUCTIONS, Palet, New York, New York.
2002        RECENT WORK, Rosenthal Gallery, Rich Forum, Stamford, CT.
1998        NAGANO SOLO, Nagano, Japan
1998        FINGERPRINT PORTRAITS, Landmark Gallery, Stamford, CT.
1997        RECENT WORK, Rosenthal Gallery, Rich Forum, Stamford, CT.
1994        NEO-POP PORTRAITS, Sackler Gallery, Stamford, CT.
1993        NEO-POP PORTRAITS, Landmark Gallery, Stamford, CT.
2018        Fine art lighting installation (tba)
2016        Artist/Producer 20x15 foot Exterior Public Art Mural
2015        Finalist for War Memorial (budget pending)
2014        Artist/Producer, Permanent Fine Art Lighting Installation, New London, CT, budget $85,000.
2013        Artist/Producer, Fine Art Lighting Installation, Trout Art Museum, Appleton, WI, budget $250,000.
2012        Lead Artist, Permanent Lighting Installation, Stamford Train Station, CT, budget $155,000.
2011        Lead Artist, Bedford Garage, Stamford, CT. Budget cut from 100-50k, artist declined, project shelved.
2002        Two Handpainted Star Sculptures for Galaxy of Stars Promotion, Norwalk, CT.
2001        Two Handpainted Art Cars, Art-O-Mobiles, Stamford, CT.
2000        Two Handpainted Cows, CowParade East Coast, Stamford, CT.
1997        Two Handpainted Automobiles for Chevrolet Promotion, commissioned by GM Motors.
                35 U.S. City Music Tour featuring Neil Young & 50 other bands.
                Painted Chevrolet Geo Metro and Tracker autos side stage while bands played. 
The City of Appleton, Wisconsin
The City of New London, CT
The City of Norwalk, CT
The City of Stamford, CT
Fox Cities Building for the Arts, Appleton, WI
Hindley Elementary School, Darien, CT
Hygienic Art Organization, New London, CT
St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
Stamford Superior Court, Stamford, CT
The Stamford Partnership, Stamford, CT
The Trout Museum of Art, Appleton, WI
The State of Connecticut Office For the Arts
A. Logan & Associates, San Francisco, CA
Barclay Kalpack Associates, NY, NY
Bergstrom Motors, Neenah, WI
Bill Graham Presents, New York, NY
Blues Traveler Empire, New York, NY
Caxton Associates, NY, NY
Corcoran Jennison, Stamford, CT
DO H Chung & Partners, Greenwich, CT
Fishtales Seafood Co., New Canaan, CT
Faith Technologies, Menasha, WI
GM Motors, Detroit, MI
The Homestead, Greenwich, CT
J.J. Bender & Associates, Westport, CT
J.W. Allen Co., Inc., NY, NY
The Loading Dock, Stamford, CT
Merrill Lynch, New York, NY
Northern Lights Post, New York, NY
Northwestern Mutual, New York, NY
Pepsico, Purchase, White Plains, NY
QCMF Manufacturing, Appleton, WI
SHO + CO, New York, NY
Small Business Service Bureau, Inc. Worcester, MA
Wright & Associates, MSA, New York, NY
50 Music Industry Clients 
1000 Private Art Collections(25 YEARS)
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